Science Explains How Children Benefit From Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training is mastering the ability to be present in the current moment. It means being aware of yourself, observing and not stopping your emotions and thoughts, and fully experiencing the world around you. It sounds simple, but for many,… Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Be Less Picky and More Content in Life

Pickiness is a trait that denotes choosiness and difficulty in making decisions or accepting certain situations and circumstances. In moderation, it can be beneficial, ensuring that you have healthy standards and don’t turn into a total doormat. But it can… Continue Reading →

10 Hidden Things That Stop People from Being Happy

The way you live your life is a direct correlation to the happiness you experience. Choices that you make each day impact the way you feel in life, including being happy. Many of these choices are ones that you might… Continue Reading →

How to Reparent Yourself If Your Parents Were Absent as A Child

If you grew up with an absent parent, you likely already know it causes issues for you as an adult. Without parents to guide you and help you develop, you might have missed out on many essential life skills. Luckily,… Continue Reading →

A Broken Heart is a Real Illness, According to Research

Have you ever gotten your heart broken? The earth-shattering, world-upending experience is a significant roller coaster of emotions, memories, and a lot of complex thoughts. You may become drained, feel unmotivated, or feel stuck or trapped in the awfulness of… Continue Reading →

15 Things That Bring Fun and Adventure Back Into Your Life

It is easy to get stuck in a rut and lose your sense of adventure when dealing with daily tasks. You can change this, though, even if you can’t travel right now. You can do things to restore your sense… Continue Reading →

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mood and Feel Better Now

Now and then, one needs a pick-me-up. Everyday life can be stressful and random, unexpected events – whether minor or significant – can bring down your emotions, and it’s not always easy to figure out how to improve your mood… Continue Reading →

15 Ways to Cope with the Emotional Loss of Being Fired from a Job

Being fired from a job can be devastating. You are likely to feel many negative emotions such as anger, sadness, and stress as you cope with the emotional loss. If you are struggling to cope with the loss of your… Continue Reading →

10 Habits to Implement Mindfulness and Be Happier

There’s a lot of talk these days about being mindful and living in the present. However, the concept of mindfulness can be confusing to people because you already live in the present or the here and now. Shockingly, you may… Continue Reading →

Maryland Scientists Discover Why Cold Foods Can Cause Tooth Pain

Have you ever gotten tooth pain from drinking something cold? Maryland scientists have finally found the reason behind this painful phenomenon. “It’s a unique kind of pain,” says David Clapham, vice president, and chief scientific officer of the Howard Hughes… Continue Reading →

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