The Mindfulness-Positivity Link

What do you do first thing in the morning the moment you wake up? Do you feel grateful for waking up to another day in your life? Are you filled with positive energy and appreciation?… The post The Mindfulness-Positivity Link… Continue Reading →

Who are the quitters and the winners?

Is there anything more human than giving up when the going gets tough? After all, it’s simple enough to find some pretty good reasons. The downside is when you have a goal and end up… The post Who are the… Continue Reading →

Mental Health in the Shadows

There’s a glimmer of light on the horizon. People are just starting to open up about mental health issues. Of course, it helps enormously if you’re a celeb – perhaps less so if you aren’t…. The post Mental Health in… Continue Reading →

Things To Do Before You Move Out On Your Own

While it makes some people nervous, the prospect of living on your own is one that excites others. It’s exciting to get to be independent, but nerve-wracking to imagine not having anyone there to back… The post Things To Do… Continue Reading →

8 Destructive Habits to Stop Right Now

Everyone has destructive habits that keep them from being their best. Whether it’s putting yourself down constantly or taking illegal drugs, there are all sorts of problems that you must overcome in life. Why do people engage in such dangerous… Continue Reading →

50 Things You Can Do For Yourself On A Bad Day

An occasional bad day is inevitable. Even if you got up, did your positive affirmations, exercised, ate a healthy breakfast, and did everything correctly, things out of your control can ruin your mood. In a world where there is so… Continue Reading →

10 Signs Someone Needs a Parasite Cleanse

We share this world with countless creatures, many of them microscopic. Did you also know that some of these tiny bugs and worms also share your body? How do you know if you have a bodily invasion of parasites? Could… Continue Reading →

10 Ways A Good Man Handles His Relationships Differently

When it comes to relationships, a good man handles things differently than other men. He behaves a certain way, and he treats his partner with respect and kindness. Good men are capable of having a healthy relationship that is mutually… Continue Reading →

10 Red Flags You Might Have an Enlarged Spleen

You pay special attention to your heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain, but do you know anything about your spleen? On the left side of your rib cage is a small organ that few understand why it’s there or what its… Continue Reading →

10 Ways A High Quality Woman Handles Her Relationships Differently

A high quality woman is hard to come by, and she will handle her relationships differently than others. Not every woman knows how to be high quality, so it is easy to identify this unique characteristic. When you’re with a… Continue Reading →

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