Moving on from regret

We all have things we regret but what matters is what we do about it. Regret can lead to some pretty nasty and destructive emotions, and everyone deals with them in different ways. If you’re…

20 Phrases to Reveal Your Love to the One Who Steals Your Heart

The words you say to the person who steals your heart are more important than you realize. While you can show them how you feel, they will still want to hear you say it sometimes. If you don’t know where… Continue Reading →

Could “COVID Dogs” Help Us Return to Normal? The Miami Heat Thinks So 

Covid dogs will now start screening fans who want to attend Miami Heat games. Because of the pandemic, many sporting events have been put on hold. Some events have been canceled and postponed, and stadiums have been empty. While fans… Continue Reading →

15 Quotes of Wisdom Shared with Us by Gandhi

Life can be unexpected, but with these quotes of wisdom by Gandhi, you will have a positive insight to help you. These quotes of wisdom shared by Gandhi offer guidance on life, love, and happiness. As you go through your… Continue Reading →

Research Team Finds a Link Between Extroverts and Positive Language

A new study by psychologists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) reveals a correlation between extroverts and their word choices. The finding suggests that online personality prediction tools need better linguistic indicators to improve digital marketing strategies. Marketing companies… Continue Reading →

Psychologists Link Addictive Cravings to Social Isolation

A new study by psychologists from the University of New South Wales reveals that addictive cravings may stem from social isolation. The analysis performed on rats found that social interaction could mitigate cravings triggered by loneliness. Published in the journal… Continue Reading →

10 Habits Make it Easier to Stop Self-Loathing

Everyone experiences self-loathing sometimes, but it can hinder your ability to love yourself. If your self-hatred becomes severe enough, it can interfere with your goals and relationships, and it can cause a lack of self-confidence. When this happens to you,… Continue Reading →

New University Study Links Childhood Diet to Adult Health

New research shows that a childhood diet can affect one’s health all the way into adulthood. The UC Riverside study found that eating excess sugar and fat as a child can change your gut bacteria permanently. Researchers discovered that this… Continue Reading →

Top Therapist Explains Why You Should Celebrate Your Imperfections

So many people feel stressed about their imperfections. It’s a behavior that has been pushed since the dawn of civilization. In fact, people desire so much to be perfect that they may do bizarre things to achieve this desire. It… Continue Reading →

6 Habits That Rewire Your Brain to Do Hard Things

Do you often struggle with difficult tasks? Most people do! It’s hard to stick to working hard on things that are involved, time-consuming, and out of your comfort zone. Fortunately, you can rewire your brain to accomplish these things. The… Continue Reading →

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