20 Habits That Stop Negativity And Reduce Stress

Did you know that you have 50,000 thoughts each day, and about 70 percent of them are negative? If you don’t stop negativity immediately, you empower depression to penetrate your mind. It’s hard to be happy all the time, especially… Continue Reading →

Mark Cuban Helped Teenage Immigrant Collect Coats

When teenage immigrant Ashis Dhakal came to Utah, he never imagined he’d soon cross paths with Mark Cuban. 18-year-old Ashis moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, from a refugee camp in Nepal. He felt very grateful for a chance at… Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Deal With A Breakup (With No Guilt)

The end of a relationship is a challenging experience, and it’s one many will go through at least once in their lives. Coping with the loss of companionship and romantic affection can be painful, especially if it was a long… Continue Reading →

6 Ways To Quiet Your Mind For Better Sleep

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Do you find that your mind races and fills with thoughts, especially negative ones, that make dozing off impossible right away? And, after you finally fall asleep, do you often feel tired… Continue Reading →

Researchers Reveal Sugar Impairs Brain Development

A new study from the University of Georgia found that sugar negatively impacts brain development in children. Kids consume sugar more than any other age group, despite warnings about high-sugar diets leading to health problems like obesity. Food companies directly… Continue Reading →

12 Ways to Build Trust In A Relationship

The foundation of all good relationships is trust. Without it, you won’t have a healthy connection, and it can cause you great pain in the future. While you know it’s essential, few know the steps you need to take to… Continue Reading →

Boyfriend Puts Engagement Ring In Front Of His GF As Many Times As He Can Without Her Noticing

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting events in someone’s life, and is something to be remembered for years to come. When Edi Okoro had figured out that his girlfriend Cally Read was his one and only, he picked… Continue Reading →

20 Positive Affirmations to Help Overcome Rumination and Regret

If you find that your thoughts are overrun with thoughts of rumination and regret, you must find a way to overcome them. Living your life feeling weighed down by those negative emotions is no way to live happily. It can… Continue Reading →

3 Things To Do When You’re Retired and Bored

  Retirement is something any working citizen thinks about because after putting so many years into one or multiple jobs. We all want to retire the right way—at least, we all should strive for a… The post 3 Things To… Continue Reading →

Start Your Day with This Creamy Overnight Oatmeal Pudding

Overnight oatmeal pudding may sound strange, but we guarantee it makes the best breakfast ever. It combines two delicious foods, oatmeal, and pudding, to make a creamy creation that we think you’ll love. We’re all about experimenting with new ways… Continue Reading →

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